Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Raw Honey for Burns #NatureNates #MiracleHomeRemedies #BurnRemedy

This summer I burned my arm on the oven while I was cooking. I knew it was going to be a pretty bad burn because the pain radiated through my body from my head to my toes. My fiancé decided to look up remedies for burns and one of the remedies was honey. 
(Btw, when he was looking up remedies I was thinking this was a waste of time, I knew the remedies, butter, cold water etc.)
 Of course he rattled off those remedies and then he said Honey. Bingo, we had that and that was new to me. What we had was raw honey and I mention this because I feel like that has something to do with the success rate here.
 I slathered on some honey and immediately the pain was relieved. But how long would it last?  After that,  I never had a moment more of pain. Additionally the burn never blistered. I did get a mark on my arm but it's pretty much faded now. For months now we talk about how the honey worked for the burn. It was a miracle.
Fast forward to the other night . I'm serving fresh pizza out of the 400 °oven and the pizza has slumped tomatoes on top and one of those 400 ° suckers slides off the pizza onto my bare foot. (Yes, I am always bare foot, because I can be.) Anyway this is going to be a bad burn because I feel it from my head to my burnt toes. (Come back for the recipe for that Turkey Skin Pizza) Yeah, baby. Oh and here is the recipe for slumped toma-toes. Haha get it toma-TOES.

Comedy scene here. My fiance starts yelling, "Get the honey" and he makes me put my bare foot on the counter top, because I can put that leg up there,  I am that limber,  and now he can tend to my wound. Then he starts to drizzle the honey straight out of the bottle onto my toes as if he was putting ketchup on his order of french fries.  The scene is so funny that I start cracking up laughing and pee my pants.  Lol . What? I'm 53 people, a hard laugh will do that. Add to that, I am now hobbling to the bathroom  with a honey covered foot and a trail of honey behind me on the floor. 

Lol. Every time I think of him with the honey bottle squirting out onto my toes I lose it. I see french fries and ketchup. My hero.
I'm happy to say that the burn M I R A C U L O U S L Y does not have pain after the honey treatment and there is no mark at all on my tootsies.

Next time you get a burn you may want to try this remedy out first.  Pin to your Home Remedies board. Or follow my Natural board on Pinterest.

I popped over to # NatureNates to get a picture of the product we used. I pick it up at Sam's Club . 

Now check it out. They sell these little honey  minis,  "ketchup style packets", I'm crying already. No joke you could keep those packets in your first aid kit. Brilliant. Who knew? Honey for the first aid kit.

 I wonder if it will help with sunburn ? **OMG #NatureNates will have a spray on honey by summer time selling  right next to the Aloe Vera. And it's all natural and it's available Organic. Hello Nature Nate's I have an idea. Whole foods?
 ****Update, it works for sunburn!!!*****

Stay tuned for the results of the sunburn testing.  It works better han anything , pain is gone immediately.

Can you see it now?  At the airport going on vacation, little honey mini's  hidden in your suitcase, packed amongst your bikinis, for your tropical vacay.

And I'm still laughing. 

With love and gratitude,


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