Monday, December 2, 2019

Easy Wrapped Christmas Stars #Garland #Upcycled #UpcycledChristmas #Destash #Countrystar #Ornaments #DIY #DIYOrnaments

I crafted these sweet and simple wrapped Christmas stars for my little "Seashell Christmas Trees" and I recycled some cardboard from around the house to do it . 

 So darn cute.

Draw or trace a star onto cardboard. Let's face it, you should have something in the house to do this. I used some cardboard from my sandpaper envelope. You could easily use a cereal box. 

Make the cardboard strong and sturdy by gluing a second piece of cardboard to the back. It may be easy enough to just fold the cardboard onto itself . Use a glue stick to make this quick and easy. I like to put some pressure on the cardboard by rubbing it back and forth to make sure it really sticks. Then I add a few books on top to make sure everything gets nice and stuck. I left it for 5 minutes under the weight of books. 

 Cut the stars .
 Make a bunch because you are going to want to use these for other Christmas projects....banners, tags, garland????I'm thinking of a big one for a tree topper!!!! OMG. Can you see it?
Now you are going to wrap the star with twine, ribbon, jute, wire , string, or yarn. Use anything that suits your taste or that you can use from your stash of goodies. I used hot glue to start the Baker's twine. Now just wrap. 

 Suddenly you have this little country star. Now you can stop there but I needed some pizzazz. Pearls work perfect with the seashells on my trees. I had some incredibly thin wire and just glued a piece tucking it into the twine. Then I added a pearl and wrapped and added a pearl and wrapped and added a pearl and wrapped, until it felt right to me. To me 5 pearls per side looked nice. 
 Still I needed some glitter. It's glitters time of the year so don't make fun. 
 See how that starts to pop? 

 Play around and have fun with these stars.

 To add a base to these just wrap a thick gauge wire around a pencil or the bottom of a paint brush. I would say my wire was about 20 gauge.  Leave an extra piece dangling at the beginning and at the end.
 Clip the base and straighten the ends.
 You'll use the one end to tuck into the twine and one end to attach to the tree.
Attach using a hot glue gun.

Download the pattern for the 3" stars here. Remember, these are not perfect stars, just copies of the ones that I drew and cut. 

Hope you enjoyed these little cuties.  

With love and gratitude,


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