Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Fall Banner #Falldecor #Bohodecor #bohemian

Paper covered playing cards form the base of this Fall Banner . Gather up your fall embellishments for some additional color and texture to bring this swag of color to the finish line.

I used vintage pages and orange construction paper to cover each of the playing cards I used in this project. White glue will do the trick here. Then cut the excess paper to create your card base. 
Next I used a hole punch to add holes to the top of each card. 
I stamped some decorative fall stamps on the orange paper card bases.
Then I stenciled the letters for Fall onto the music sheet card bases.
I used a dry brush of black around the the edges of the Fall card bases. 
Now you can use jute or string to thread through the tops of each card to form the banner . I happen to use a long piece of fringed fabric.

 Ribbon and pom poms help pull this look together. 

 Don't forget to add some strips of fabric tied between the  letters for a colorful fall look.

This was a fun and easy way to add a splash of the season to our home.

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  1. LOVE this sweet Fall banner!! So pretty and I love the colors!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!!


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