Sunday, August 4, 2019

Rental Condo Okaloosa Island Where is that? Part 1

Okaloosa Island Florida 
Where is that? 
It's in the panhandle area of Florida. As a grown up, I'm confused when I say panhandle of Florida and people ask, "Where is that?"
Our rental condo is located in the town of Fort Walton Beach, in Okaloosa County, on the Emerald Coast just across the bridge from Destin, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico and about an hour from Pensacola. 

 Check out that red pin in the left corner. That's us. Very close to Alabama and only a 4 hr trip to New Orleans.
This barrier Island is closed to the general public just a few blocks away because the of the military. I assume Hulbert Air force base uses this portion of the beach. 
This means,it's quieter at our end of the beach and you can walk along the secluded military section of the beach, uncluttered by hotels, condos and people. 

We are a military town and as such, have the added benefit of an all day airshow, everyday, at the beach.It will leave you feeling like you are in a scene from South Pacific.

The sand is a soft,powdery white and the Gulf of Mexico is more docile that the Atlantic Ocean. You are rarely going to be beat up by the surf. It's often a calm location suitable for kayaking,paddle boarding and snorkeling. In fact ,the county recently added a
reef installation just about 1/4 mile beach walk from our place or a quick drive on over to Parking area 4 on the Island.

although it is referred to as the Emerald Coast , I'm here to tell you that we often have crystal clear blue waters like the Bahamas. Most days free of seaweed and jellyfish. There are always little fish swimming around and Dolphins can be seen close to shore daily.

One of the best days,was seeing the rays glide by. I stood in the water and in formation they swam around me like I was a statue and carried on along the coastline.  They came so close to me I had the best view and felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world.

And this was in early November, which tells you the water was warm enough to swim.

I'll be back to show you inside pics of the condo and give you some more of the hot and skinny about our locale.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Rental Condo Okaloosa Island

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  1. That sounds wonderful! We vacationed on the gulf coast (near Maderia beach) a few years ago and just LOVED it! We could not get over how calm and clear the ocean water was compared to the coast up here in New England.

  2. It is wonderful. Thanks for reading along and leaving a comment. It's nice to know you are out there. :) If you ever have an opportunity we recommend Okaloosa Island near Destin.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post about the rental condo on Okaloosa Island. Your descriptions and insights on the area and the condo itself were quite captivating.

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