Monday, December 10, 2018

#Destin Lighted Boat Parade- I Manifested a Night of Magic -Christmas in Florida #DestinPartyBoatFishing

When I heard about the Destin Lighted Boat Parade in Destin Harbor, FL,  I knew we had to go. 
You see , being from Long Island NY, I always wondered why we didn't have a holiday boat regatta/parade. I mean we are a beach community, swimming with boats, Long Island. What gives?

The pics are not so great in the dark, but I want you to have a sense of the night

We headed down to the docks early enough to walk around the lighted boats and take pictures and feel merry and bright. 

We headed toward one of the big fishing party boats, all lit up for the parade. It just so happens that this is the boat, The Destiny, Jason has been following online because they always seem to have a great catch. The Capt must know his S#!t.

Aboard the Destiny

At this point the restaurants, boardwalk, bars and hotels are filling up with thousands of people. 
I told Jason, "Let's go down there and take some pictures. Maybe, they'll invite us aboard for the parade. Looks like they have plenty of room. I want to be in the boat parade," I giggled. He just laughs obligingly.

Note:Jason is an easy going, quiet kinda guy. Sometimes I wonder how he wound up with me. 

Within seconds of taking pictures with the boat, the Capt jumps onto the deck, takes a look at us and says "You are welcome to come aboard for the parade. I'm Captain Dennis. Feel free to join us, we even have some hot cocoa to keep you warm."

Insert my happy dance here. 

We jump aboard and I turn to Jason, "In my head I'm practicing my parade wave." LOL

Lesson: Move toward the things you want to happen in your life. Wholeheartedly.

The parade was a thrill and we participated wholeheartedly, by whooping and cheering and waving. The jolly crowd, responded wholeheartedly.

The parade ended with a big bang , with a tremendous display of fireworks, that we were lucky enough to see, floating upon , The Destiny, just next to the the fireworks barge. 
It's a completely different experience being up close and beneath the fireworks display. 

Thank you to Capt Dennis and his wife Donna, as well,  the mates and all those that made this such a fun evening. 

We are grateful , forever friends, of the Destiny and the Destin Princess Party Fishing Boats family.

Stolen from their Facebook Page

Find them here on Facebook.

Wishing you a wholehearted holiday season.

With love and gratitude,


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