Thursday, November 15, 2018

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 Using a 7" cardboard circle trace out  a fabric circle and cut from the fabric.
Use a simple running stick around the entire circle edge and gather it together forming a mushroom cap shape. 

Use a bit of fiber fill to stuff the cap.Pull the thread tight and stitch the circular opening tight, being sure to keeping the stuffing in place. 

You will not have a completely closed opening and this is good because we are going to add our jellyfish legs stuffed up in there with some hot glue. 

At this point cut 5 " and 6" and 7" pieces of ribbon, fabric, twine etc and make a nice thick bundle. I used some fabric strands from an old fashion mop that I bought at the #DollarTree. This is also a great opportunity for a destash of the craft room. I also added some floral filler that I cut with wire snips. 

Glue or tie at the top. 

Add a blob of hot glue to the top of the bundle, where you tied or hot glued the bundle it in place.  Insert into that small opening in the mushroom cap. 

I used left over printed fabric knowing I was going to tone it down with a dry brush of paint. I used some aqua and purple colors to tone down the fabric and quick dusting of glitter.

Sew on a small jump ring. (Think jewelry making)

Hang on your Christmas tree or your nautical tree or use them all year all over. Fun stuff .

If you have a nautical or coastal tree , these little guys look perfect and make sense tucked in between the starfish and the seahorses.

This was part of an ornament exchange where you can find more tutorials for DIY ornaments. Hop on over to the Christmas Ornament Exchange 2018 to see all the diy ornaments, your holiday heart can handle.

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