Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Montauk Themed Artist Trading Cards DIY Memorabilia.

We visit Montauk on the East End of Long Island NY every year, several times even. It's nicknamed "The End", because it is at the very end of the Island.

This year, I had decided in advance, that I was going to create a series of Artist Trading Cards using some of the local publications.

I picked up a copy of the local magazine, Montauk Life,  knowing I was going to make some Montauk Artist Trading Cards.
I pulled a few photos and words that appealed to me.

   Next, I fussy cut  the words and images .
I use ordinary playing cards to create the ATC's , aka Artist Trading Cards. 

I did a quick chalk paint background to coat over the card.(Normally, I would use Gesso but I was out of that and chalk paint works as a great primer.)

And then I created a sunset background using red, magenta, copper and white. The easiest way to create the sunset background is to lay out a few drops of each color and swipe it across the cards , letting each color blend into each other. It's fun to play with this and you can give a light last second swipe of the copper to finish it off. I really like the copper in this background. 

I used a wave patterned stencil to create some depth to the background and  applied my images using a glue stick . 
I added some white speckle to the top using a toothbrush and a chopstick.
I added some white paint to the edges and I was done. 

These are a great way to create your own memorabilia from any of your vacations.

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