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The Beach @ the Fairmont Southhampton Bermuda #DiveBermuda #FairmontHotels # Bermudatourism #Snorkelbermuda

Staying at the Fairmont Hotel in Southhampton Bermuda includes a very "private" beach front on the most beautiful Horse Shoe Bay .
     You may have heard of Horse Shoe Bay public beach, which is very popular with tourists and also with the cruise ship excursions and as you  can imagine leads to a congested beach situation. 
That's why I'm giving you the details on this private beach at the Fairmont aka East Whale Beach. You may like to choose your hotel based on the beach, which is what this "Coastal Bohemian" does. 
I like to read blog posts and information that includes more than the basic details of a location, so here we go. 
(BTW, I write this post for others like me, not any of the companies mentioned below and I have not been paid to create this post)

The Fairmont Hotel sits at the top of the island but just below is this little piece of glistening aquamarine paradise. 
And although the hotel sits at the top of this ancient , volcano made island, at no additional fee the hotel provides shuttles and trolleys to the beach and tennis courts  beginning at 7am all the days of the week.
Yes, I said tennis courts on the beach. 

Just outside the front doors of the Fairmont you'll notice a line of benches where the shuttles and trolley return  from their continuous round trips from the beach to the hotel.  Hop on and grab a seat. 
You'll travel downward, along a narrow and winding road covered with lush vegetation bursting through the charming and beautiful , coral block retaining walls. To me, these details are an important part of the overall experience of visiting the beach each day. 

I love the anticipation of the beach coming into view as we drive closer and closer the shore.
                (Towel Rental Hut at the Beach )
The hotel provides a towel checkout just as you enter the beach and you'll need your room key to pick up your towels. The towel supply opens at 8 am. The good news is you can get down early grab a few chairs, get your towels and then go back up to the hotel for breakfast.  

 At the beach you'll have access to tennis, a restaurant, a bar and beach shop, selling the typical incidentals you may need, as well as the all important ice cream, for the kiddies. 

 Heading closer to the beach you'll notice the dive shop for renting snorkels, kayaks, paddle boards and for booking scuba adventures.

I'm told it's $20 per hour for a blow up rental so you may want to pack a foldable float inside your suitcase when you visit. Trust me, the water is so calm and relaxing you will want to float 6-8 hr per day like we did. We had to take a taxi to  town to go buy a float. 

And just outside the doors, the mesmerizing waters of Bermuda and the dive boat moored in the bay.

Bring snorkels or rent snorkels because there are so many fish around the rocky outcroppings. It's an easy walk to the rocks through the water and when you take a peek , you'll see Parrot Fish. OMG Image result for parrot fish bermuda

Image result for snorkeling fish in bermuda

Here's an aerial view, marking the fish sightings,  put out by DiveBermuda, the company that does the scuba and snorkeling excursions and moors in front of this beach location. 

At the end of the day you can leave your towels in the return , just before you board the shuttle back to the hotel.

 Oh and did I mention you can bring your scooter? Most visitors to the island rent a scooter. 

Scooter Parking 

 Canopied waiting area provides protection from the sun and heat.

Need a break in the evening? There are the seats to a most beautiful scene. 

Cool off on the patios near the restrooms. 

Hope you found this info valuable. 
Now go be your best Coastal Bohemian.

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