Monday, June 11, 2018

Dollar Store Challenge -I Seahorses Mail Holder

This month I join my talented blogging friends in a Dollar Store Craft Challenge
I found a seahorse beach toy and used it as the star for an upcycled mail holder. I know my coastal, beachy, nautical friends will appreciate. 

It's a thrill to create something at a small price that looks or feels more expensive. I also hope it inspires others to do the same. 

Below are the friends that have taken on the challenge this month and they never disappoint, so make sure you pop on over to their creations and see what they have done. Remember we love when you leave a comment, repost or pin our blog. So have at it.

Strolling the aisles of the Dollar Store on a hunt for my next project/challenge, I found these seahorse pool toys. Hmmmmm. What can I do with these? 
Well, actually the grating in the middle sort of makes them  look like metal. 
Let's go home and spray these up like metal and see what we can come up with ?And by we, I totally mean ME.

You can see how cute they are laid out waiting to be primed and painted. I used some grey primer I had around the house and the Rustoleum 
 Metallic in Silver. On the plastic it gives a more galvanized look and that was really what I was looking for here.

Yes, now this is what I'm looking for, but what next? 

How about if I use it for an embellishment for my acrylic pour canvas. I've been staring at that canvas for a few months now and saying" You need a little something."

Cute but no , that's not it. 
Oh, but what about on a driftwood wreath? That could be to die for!
No, and I say that after I laid the wreath out with several seahorses. 
What about on all the doors in the house? OMG that would look soooo unique. And it would make me happy everyday to see that. 
No. Pretty, but no.

If I wait for it the answer will come. It always does. It's one of the things I teach my students in my Upcycling Class at my studio. Sometimes you have to put things down and walk away and wait for the answer. Maybe leave the project out where you can see it . 

Now the truth is at this point I'm thinking and seeing something more galvanized and metal. 
 I thought......galvanized planter? 
Chicken wire? What ?

As I was cleaning up the back closet of the condo, I found this mail holder and knew somehow they were connected and they were going to have a new life together.

My immediate thought was to paint it silver tone or to make both pieces look weathered and rusty. In the end I painted everything the same color.
I painted up the mail holder and the starfish and glued everyone on with a hot glue gun.

With the addition of a few painted starfish I saw something that felt more cohesive.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge. 

I did have one more idea for the seahorse....I thought he would be great on a stick in the garden. Garden stake!

Feel free to leave me an idea for my painted seahorses. I have 6 more  waiting to be used for something.

With love and gratitude,


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