Thursday, March 8, 2018

Singer Sewing Machine Table

Here is my Singer Sewing Machine Base made into a table. 

I have been wanting one of these tables for 25 yrs. I first saw one made up  in Greenwich Village NY , in a little coffee house called Mona Lisa Cafe. 

All these years later I found a base at a garage sale for $5.00. Usually they are much pricier at $50.00 and up ....just for the base.

Now it sat around for 4 yrs until finally it has it's place in the sun, quite literally , on our small little terrace at our condo on Okaloosa Island.
 Can't you image us sitting out there with Jason playing the Ukulele? Me too. Hopefully Jason will learn to play the Ukulele. LOL. I'm counting on it. You see I have my little fantasy already.
Start with one of these fence boards from Home Depot 
This one cost under $2.00.
Cut it into 3 equal pieces. I like the idea of the different shaped top being used as you'll see below. It makes it feel very simple and country.

Lay the boards out ,front sides facing down and align them . Adhere the boards to one another by using Elmer's Wood Glue .While the glue is wet and still drying I staple the boards together using my Stanley plug in staple gun.

I also used a few wood strips for a little extra support but honestly the staples and glue are usually enough. They screw to the base. The base already has screw holes. 

Using *dry brush technique swipe on a bit of color. 
(Oopsy I put my glass down and created a ring. It went away. Wink)
No sealing necessary , we want the weathered and distressed look to come on quickly.

Even if you don't have a Singer Sewing Machine base you can still get away with a cute and perfectly sized outdoor table for about $2 . Now that is just good stuff. Cha ching 𝆕𝆕

* Dry brush means to put some paint onto your brush and then wipe it almost all off on some newspaper. What's left on the brush is enough to pull across the boards and create the uneven paint effect. 

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