Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Driftwood Easter Egg Nest

I made a driftwood nest for my Easter Eggs, inspired by the birds of prey nests I've been seeing down in the Florida panhandle. These nests are huge and filled with driftwood, exactly what I would use if I was a coastal bird. #Ilovedriftwood

I bought my supplies at the #Dollartree
1 Coconut Plant Liner
1 Bag of Straw 
1 Bag of Spagnum Moss

You'll want to turn the domed portion of the liner inside a bit to create a flat surface for the nest to rest.

Using a scissor, snip a spot in the coconut liner and poke the driftwood pieces inside leaving a generous amount hanging on the outside. 
I used various sizes and lengths and just snipped  and poked them in around the liner. For some added support , I glued a few of the longer sticks together as they crossed in the middle of the nest.

I draped some twine around the outside and around the driftwood wanting it to look like a part of the mix of materials a bird may have found and used for their nest.

Take a handful of both the spagnum moss and the straw and hand mix them together and glue them to the outside of the coconut liner filling in all the spots around the driftwood. Take a large handful and place it on top to fill in the nest. Done.

Thanks for stopping by to see my fun an d games.

May your nest be blessed.
Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

With love and gratitude
Coastal Bohemian
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