Friday, January 19, 2018

National Tin Can Day

Yes, we can! 
That's the motto for National Tin Can Day today January 19th.
The picture above is of an altered coffee can that I made into a plastic bag holder. I think this would make a great gift too. 

Can you believe today is National Tin Can Day. The day the United States celebrates the use of tin cans to create non perishable foods, a tremendous invention we can all appreciate.

This day celebrates the storage of perishable foods in tin cans. British merchant Peter Durand received the original tin can patent in 1810. Hail Peter!

Here's a link that will give you all details.

In honor of National Tin Can Day, and as an upcyclers I urge you to use and save your tin cans today and to upcycle them into a craft.
Here's an example of what I have done with some of my leftover craft goodies.

Directions for plastic bag storage can 

1. You'll need a can with a plastic lid. I used a coffee can for this one . 
2. Using an exacto blade cut a rectangular piece from the lid. This is where you'll pull your bags for use. Make sure it's big enough for adding and removing bags. Mine is probably 3" by 1.5".
3. Hot glue lid to can. 
4. Duct tape around lid and can to secure a nice tight bond. 
5. Cover with decorative papers using Mod Podge.
6. Embellish to your liking. 
7. Use proudly on National Tin Can Day. 

Happy Upcycling friends.

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With love and gratitude

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