Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Love Blocks

Good morning friends. You are going to love these blocks. It's really just some simple mixed media. This is also a class I teach down at Coastal Bohemian.

We do USA blocks, LOVE blocks, Boo blocks , Sea Blocks, Joy blocks and eventually more. I now keep a steady supply of blocks down at the studio and also for sale so students can go home and do more with their own ideas.

These are pretty easy, if you can cut your own blocks. You can always  have someone or someplace cut the blocks for you. A lumber yard will probably cut for you. 

I buy fence posts that are 4" x 4" and either 8 or 10 ft long.  Get untreated.

Cut them down to a 4" height. 
There is the cube, the block. Blocks will be painted on top and bottom and on two sides.
I like to dry brush red , pink, purple and white on a few sides and of course paint a few sides solid. 

The two other sides get decoupaged vintage papers, napkins and other Valentine's Day colorful papers . I use Valentine's Day themed napkins from the Dollar Tree.

You can also print a romantic photo in black and white. I found this one of Fed Astaire in a vintage sheet music book. It's special because my mother loved Fred Astaire and he is the epitome of Hollywood romance to me. 
If you are giving as a gift to newlyweds, grandma, mom or a friend ,why not find a photo of the lucky couple and print in black and white. 

 After all the sides have a background, you can decorate each block as a different letter  to spell LOVE. One becomes the "L" block, one becomes the "O" block,one becomes the "V" block and one becomes the "E "
block.  Use whatever you can find from the Dollar Tree to form a L.

Here I used a key stencil, twine, rose fabric and stamps to design my letters .

So I did use a giant "O " stamp for the letter "O" but this pick is from when I made "Boo" blocks in October.

Add some dimension by adding adhesive backed pads. Again this is a pic from "Boo" blocks 

 There are 4 sides to each block so you have a variety of arrangements including stacked. 

These make a great hostess gift, tablescape , or  a perfect entryway greeting. 

This is an easy craft, just a little more time consuming. A newbie may have a challenge with the decoupage.

Thanks again for reading along. 


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With love and gratitude
Coastal Bohemian

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