Saturday, December 30, 2017

Beach Towel Clips- #PoolParty #GoodieBags #BeachParty

OMG, I forgot to pack towel clips.(the day before the cruise)

Admittedly, this is not the end of the world, however I will be on the top deck , wind blowing, of the NCL Epic.

There is no  time to search for these cuties or order them online.Flip Flop Towel Clips

Time to put the DIY brain to work. I have a glue gun. I can do anything.
 Insert Wonder Woman image here, cross wrists, look at the world and head to the stores.

First stop the #Dollartree. I need a base that will clip around the lounge.

These will do nicely.

Seeing as how it's Christmas and all , I picked up some jingle bells to add to the clips. 

Crossing fingers, hoping these will actually fit around the lounge.
Total win and I love them so much I want to make them for this summer with all types of fun findings.  

Think #Poolparties, #Birthdayparties, #GoodieBags #Beachparty #Bonfire . 
Flowers and beads
Red, White and Blue

Hope you enjoyed this easy and fun idea. Keep crafting. 

Happy New Year 2018.

With love and gratitude
Coastal Bohemian

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