Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Faux Fish Prints

Have you ever heard of Fish Prints ?

I fell in love with fish prints after visiting a  Montauk, NY street fair where I saw some of the most beautiful fish prints of Blue Fish, Octopus, Sea Bass etc.
BTW, fish prints were a form of recording the biggest catches in a time before we had cameras. See, they had to document their big fish tales.

Since we are a family of fishermen, I was fascinated. Next time we caught fish I was prepared to capture the prints of our fish.

For some reason I am fascinated with Kissy Fish. Our first Xmas together I bought my fiance a "Kissy Fish " ornament . Now I paint them.
Sitting around looking at a blank canvas the other day I began an outline of a fish. In my mind I didn't want to create a typical painted fish. I could see the fish prints in my mind and the  lovely textured scales and tails.
 Today 's Kissy Fish took on a new look with sea sponge painted 
texture and maps for her fins .

She is a true mixed media Coastal Bohemian.
Stay tuned for more Faux Kissy Fish Prints. I'm addicted. 
Looking forward to creating new prints with various stencils and more.

Thanks for following along .

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