Sunday, July 9, 2017

Love Notes

It was the week before my two-year anniversary at Coastal Bohemian, an arts and crafts studio I own in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Mostly, it’s creative space for arts and crafts but I do have artists that teach painting classes and I teach distressed furniture painting.
Now, I need a quick and easy make and take craft for people to do at the anniversary celebration.
A while ago I had made this little envelope from an old book page. It’s a part of the journaling class we offer at the studio and attendees get the template inside their class packet and that would be perfect for one of  our celebration day craft.

It’s a great template to make tiny envelopes or even for enlarging to make something bigger. You can play with that idea on your printer.
 I love these because they are miniature (you know, think Puppies and Kittens and fairy gardens),  envelopes at 2.5 “ x 1.5” and can be printed on anything you can get into your printer. My obsession, at the moment, is sheet music.

I printed these out on sheet music pages from a Cole Porter hardcover I picked up at the Library book sale for $1.00.  
Print, cut, fold, glue done.

 Add a small embellishment and your envelope is finished.
Adorable, but something was missing. It needed a love note inside. You can cut a few small cards from card stock.

For our anniversary, I made a station with preprinted envelopes, glue, scissors, cut cards, a paint brush and pens and of course some bling.

The attendees folded up their envelopes and added a love note. They were soooo happy creating these I almost couldn’t believe it. 

See everyone loves miniature.

They made them for all the people they love.

Sometimes it doesn't take much. These little bitty love notes would be adorable for children to do with their friends and for Valentine's Day .

Thanks for reading along and letting me entertain you for a few minutes. 

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