Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Baby You're a Firework

These are adorable and make great hostess gifts. I like them as little shelf sitters as well. 
 I hit the reject pile at Home Depot( boy have I gotten some really good deals) and pick up different widths of wood and head back to my shop to cut them down.  These are 6" by 4" and 1" thick .
 Next I use a decorative napkin to create a festive background. This gets applied with a little Mod Podge . Of course I can't wait for this to dry so I usually do a quick blow dry to speed up the drying process.
I used publisher to design a saying and print on standard copy paper. Next I coat the entire paper with vintage wax that I use for my chalk painting. You apply it and then buff it. The wax seals in the ink and now when you adhere the quote with Mod Podge the ink won't bleed onto your project. This is one of the best tricks I have stumbled upon. 

 Cut your aged quotes into starbursts and adhere with Mod Podge.
You can drill holes in the corners and add twine or twisted wire to make these hang-able.

If you have visitors staying over  for the 4th you can hang them on their doors and really get a festive look going.

Thanks again for following along and I hope you feel inspired to do this or something else that may have spring boarded your imagination.

Michele , The Coastal Bohemian 

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