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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cookie Exchange Labels

As the holidays neared I decided to get a cookie exchange together for down at the studio . I thought it would be fun to mix friends and clients for a night of holiday entertainment. It had been years since I participated in one let alone put one together.

It occurred to me, at the very last minute, that we needed some sort of a label for the cookie display.
I searched around Pinterest but couldn't find anything exciting that would be quick and easy and so I took myself to #DollarTree to see if I could become inspired with something inexpensive. And so I found these. But what next? Too bright and shiny for this rusty , vintage , antique , shabby chic mama.

 I used a little dark brown wax from Fiddes and sons. Wipe on quick and wipe off .

Coincidentally, I had been filling my flower pots with greenery claimed from the nearby woods around our property. Me thinks I have an idea.

Snip , snip snip. Looking good.

My plan was to cut a few rectangles for labels and glue to wooden skewers until I remembered I had theses from Dollar Tree . These were the perfect size
and I didn't have to spend any extra time cutting down wooden skewers. 

 Wait let's add a little character to the label/sign pick. A quick snip around the sides makes this look like an old sign.
                                                             Glue to the  tiny forks.

Add a pencil or marker and everyone can add the name of their cookies to the sign and pop it into the the pail.

                                                          Makes an exciting display.

These were a big hit and helped lend a festive  holiday mood to the atmosphere of  the room. 
Let me know if you decided to use this idea. Would love to see pics and share with our readers.