Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rekindle the Friendship. Feed the Soul. Creations abound.

When my son was in kindergarten, I met one of my very best friends. We connected because of creation. Yes, bohemians, my new friend liked me because I was creative, just like her. We could talk about new projects and share ideas for new inspiration. Eventually, we crafted together on a regular basis  including, PTA,  Scouts, Homemakers and more.
As the years sped by, many changes occurred that kept our creative souls apart , including my divorce and partial southern move down the  coast.
My dear friend was continuously begged to come for a visit and create in partnership like the days of old , in my studio this time, but time does not allow so easily when we have families.
And then one day the wonderful surprise that she was coming. We were road tripping back to SC from L.I. NY. Let the Thelma and Louise jokes ensue.

All our plans included shelling and crafting and I insisted she send me her pinterest wish list so I could have the things she needed to get her moving.
The soul sings I tell you. I insist it does, really , truly make a difference to be with those that lift and inspire . And on the first night we cried for our long time separation. There is a great chance that our souls knew each other in another life and promised to find each other again and to remind each other of who we really are in this life; great and imaginative , children and mothers, wives and in my case a rockin' girlfriend; we are sisters and siblings, we are real estate agents, gym monsters, nature girls, care takers, soothers, bill payers, task doers, ....and at our best we are Coastal Bohemians.

 Fun in Murrell's Inlet 

                                      Above ........the creative frenzy

At our best is when we enjoy the combined joy of our intermingled , expressive and talented minds. Beware of the talent in the room when we are together. We can bring home the bacon and weave it into a preserved and edible pork lovers souvenir basket with an herb filled bow of twine and lace.
Ideas flow and layer  upon layer , upon layer a craft or project is born and expanded and expanded and within that flow is greatness.
It's been a long time . Greatness was waiting.

Help your soul sing.... C R E A T E !

And this dangling, seashell laden, sparkly, lovely, is hanging on my back porch until I transport it to my friend up in NY . Lucky me.

Comedy side note.We get into the condo after our long road trip and run off to the bathrooms. Screaming from  the other room,"What is this?" I think there is a big, ominous SC bug that has my friend all freaked out. No..... she's just disappointed by my ordinary switch plates. And so the next day we create some fun stuff. (Actually my daughter made this one.)

<-----My daughter Taylor making over the hideous and ordinary switch plate.
 Thanks for indulging me friends. 

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