Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Coastal Charleston -1 Cemetery , 1 Alligator and A Mausoleum.

I wasn't surprised to have my twenty-one year old daughter ask me to take her to an old spooky cemetery to see some creepy, old head stones of people who had passed long before our time. My daughter fancies herself, part Wednesday Adams and part Lydia Deetz.

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 Loveable,though she is intriuged by the gothlike characters and pretty much anything unusual, witch like, related to Salem , haunted etc.
Upon the advice of Google, of course, we headed down to Charleston South Carolina to visit the very old Magnolia Cemetery.   You can check out the cemetery  at this link. 

Unbeknownst to me, cemetery visits for other than your own famly are wildly popular. Seems to be that more people do it than I could have ever imagined. My friend told me her 90 year old parents always took time to stop in at cemeteries and see the unique head stones. Another friend told me that friends of his will travel to nearby cemeteries to take rubbings of head stones upon request of living family members and then send the rubbings in the mail to the family.There is apparently a website for this too.  BTW...I just searched cemetery rubbings and was amazed to see an endless list of cemetery rubbing supplies. Have to get me some.

Giant old Live Oaks heavily draped with spanish moss tucked along  waterways glistening with alligator eyes lend an inviting charm to just such a place. Possibly haunted, totally creepy and  I'm pretty sure I  saw a vulture, oh my. Who created the set for this place? Tim Burton?

We  were prancing around admiring grave stones and unique birds close to the water's edge when we noticed a pair of eyes staring at us. As we gathered to view our reptile friend he became startled or maybe hungry and thrashed around in the water sending us screaming in terror about the cemetery in three different directions running for our ride that had somehow disappeared. I, however was prepared to escape any attack from the alligator because I had mace ...and a newly acquired insight that alligators can't run after you as fast, if you run in a zigzag, a lesson I had learned earlier that day when it was demonstrated to me by my daughter who wanted to make sure I DID NOT get eaten alive by an alligator. 

Scenes from the cemetery

   We were lucky enough to come across this Pyramid shaped mausoleum perched along the waters edge accessorized with tall and slender palms reminiscent of an enchanted Egyptian setting along the Nile. 

  In addition to all this, the recently discovered and buried crew from the Civil War famous, Hunley submarine  are resting amongst the deceased at  Magnolia .

Rusty parts .....oh yeah.

Thanks to my daughter I have a new hobby ...cemetery rubbing, can't wait to try this,  I can out run an alligator or mace it and I finally had a chance to visit the Pyramids. Totally worth the trip.

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