Tuesday, May 19, 2015

34th Annual World Famous Blue Crab Festival

At the last minute I was roped into bringing some of my goodies down to be a vendor at the 34th Annual Blue Crab Festival in Little River , S.C. 
Blue Claws are my favorite food to catch and my favorite critter and of course I was going to celebrate them publicly.
                                             Foodie Pic

                     My foodies are dying over this pic.

However, they did not have garlic crabs so I may have to share my recipe.

We spent two days along the riverfront ,under an ancient oak covered in moss , on a beautiful sun shiny day with a terrific breeze and lots of great folks and super duper bands singing their hearts out. 
If you like to travel to area events this is one of them to add to the list.

Dreaming of my next big, blue, catch and of yummy garlic crabs. 
Message me on Facebook for my mom's garlic crab recipe.

 Michele Michael

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