Thursday, March 19, 2015

Whale Table - Ink Sealer Trick for Decoupage

Here's a new piece of furniture that grew slowly into a story piece.A furniture art story piece.

 Most of the time I never know what a piece will become  by the time I feel it's completed. I started out with the shabby blue chalk paint and then sat around a bit  until I saw this whale image at +graphicsfairy. I knew the whale would take me further so after a while I had this old scroll or map idea in my head and came up with the idea of creating a whaling company.

My name is Michele and my fiance is Jason and together I created Jaselle, it's also the name of our kitchen.  It's fun and a recurring theme and I'm pretty sure Jason could care less, however I think it's sweet.

 Anyway, I designed some lettering and cut out the whale and the lettering that had been printed on ordinary printing paper. (I bring this up for a reason. ) Using Fiddes Dark Waxes and a chip brush I applied a quick coat of wax to the top of my paper images. As soon as you do this you'll need to remove the excess wax with a soft lint free cloth and then buff it. Yes , you are buffing the paper. Next you apply Flat Finish Mod Podge to the images and apply them to the piece of furniture. Here's the thing , as soon as I did this the ink should have started to bleed, this was printed on an inkjet printer which will allow your ink to bleed from the prints when you try to decoupage. Ah but here's the thing, my images were sealed, waxed and buffed, essentially SEALED. I had inadvertently discovered a great trick . Traditionally when I have specialty images I want to apply to pieces I need to have them printed at the printer or OfficeMax, (think more costly), where they use Laser printers that use toner for printing and toner won't smear the ink when I decoupage.
I used an ink pad and a scroll stamp to add some detail to the corners. I finish off the piece by adding some rope around the legs for a more nautical effect.

It a great little entryway piece, it's whimsical and sets the mood for the condo by the beach.

Here's my newest video to show you more.

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