Sunday, January 18, 2015

Old Dresser Drawer Storage- A Beach Shabby Chic Recycle

I stopped in at a funky & artsy consignment shop down in Murrells Inlet just south of Myrtle Beach called +Inlet Queens and fell in love with a pair of side tables that I planned to use for bedside tables.

As I was loading them into my truck to bring them home, I realized , suddenly, that I was about to lose the storage that I currently had in the night stands that were back at the condo. Living in the condo has been about maximizing small space and I had just made a big mistake. I had acted spontaneously rather than effectively. Now what?

I had rescued two old wooden dresser draws from the side of the road not long ago and when I got home I took them out , removed the handles and filled the holes with wood putty and then sanded them smooth. Afterwards , I painted them with a quick coat of off white chalk paint and then...there they were...just staring at me.... saying"Ok what next? That's all you've got?" 
How could I make them a bit nautical ? Or beachy? Digging around I found an old book about seamanship and used the tarnished pages to help bring some more texture and  life to the inside of the pieces.

  Now we were almost there. Something was still missing. The beachy was missing ....the beach bling was missing. Just a few seashells later and I was happy with the finished product. Tell me what you think.

Very Coastal Very Bohemian.
Thanks again, as always, for checking in on what I have been creating. Please post any ideas or suggestions for other ways we can upcycle old wooden dresser draws.
Michele Michael

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