Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Old Dresser Drawer Becomes a Frame for a Driftwood Fish . Free, Beautiful, Upcycled, and Recycled

I was tossing an old bamboo /wicker style dresser away after we were hit by Hurricane Sandy when at the last minute one of the draw faces fell off. As I looked at it, I saw a frame and a very pretty background.
I decided to keep one. I wish I had saved them all!

Playing around on Pinterest, I saw a great use for my driftwood and in no time I had this complete.

I used pieces that were less than an inch in thickness.

I painted the frame an off white  and sanded it to make it distressed, filled in the draw handle holes with wood filler,(I keep the Elmer's wood filler around), laid out my driftwood design and used Elmer's Carpenter's Wood glue to adhere my driftwood.

Just add some painting wire and hooks to the back and you are set.

Very Coastal. Very Bohemian.

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