Friday, December 5, 2014

Driftwood Anchor

Pinterest provided the inspiration for this driftwood anchor.

I found the background wood thrown in the trash around the street from my house.It was an old top to a table that had broken. I knew it would provide the perfect backdrop for something I was up to.

Of course ,I happened to have the right pieces of driftwood hanging around my house to pull off this project.

I used a nail gun to attach the the wood and the rope. It was real quick and easy and done in 5-10 min.

Very Coastal Very Bohemian
With love and gratitude,


Remember the anchor's in your life. They help keep you safe in rough waters, they keep you grounded. Or maybe you need to remember you are the anchor in someone's life and that's an all important role.The boat is nothing without it's anchor.

Michele Michael 

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