Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beach Vintage Beach Antique

Don't forget that beach style dates back to , well , when beaches were created or maybe, actually, discovered by man.

You know there was a loin cloth wearin', sandy footed , hairy assed ,caveman that just loved the surf and the sun. He was out there with his tiny loin cloth making a beach fire and bringing back seashells to his boring cave for his cave woman to pretty the place up.
Get my point? My point is ,don't forget to search vintage and antique shops for coastal, beach decor. It adds a certain charm mixed in with all the other modern decor.

Here's a clam I found at an antigue shop on Long Island and I have several oars that I've picked up while out and about antiquing that adorn entry ways and can be seen tucked around the beach home.

These finds become , almost one of a kind , since you're not likely to see them in many homes due to the scarcity of the products after so many years.

When you are on Long Island check out  Remember Yesteryears, a 15,000 sf antique and vintage shop that has 95+ vendors selling an array of merchandise. Ask to say Hello to the owner Mindy. Tell her Michele Michael sent you.
I found this clam here at such a reasonable price.
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