Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Upcycled beachy plant stand /cake stand/ side table

I stole this idea from Pinterest. There, I said it. Of couse, I added  a  little coastal flair so really it's my idea.

1 tall vase (this is 20" tall)
1 large plate preferrably a platter size (you could probably even pull off a plastic plate from a dollar      store)
 clear silicone(caulking)
seashells pearls, and driftwood

Add some weight to the top plate after caulking to ensure a tight adhesion. Make sure to let the caulk dry real well.  I had to let this dry for two full days but it may have been the humidity.

I hope you take time to make this easy project. You can tailor it to your style with rocks , pennies, sand or legos filling the glass vase.

Very Coastal Very Bohemian.

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