Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Driftwood Sign with Barnacles

Scouring  the beach again I found this piece of driftwood wash up on the North Shore of Long Island NY.

It had barnacles in all the right places. I was crazy for this driftwood. (Side note .......I get very attached to my driftwood. I know each one's shape and texture and curves and weight . I should name them at this point.) Too weird? You can leave the blog now.

It was obviously, screaming to be a sign.

I took some $1.00 store twine ....from Dollar Tree...

   ....braided  for  a hanger .... stapled it to the back.

I dug around in my findings and came up with this "Ahoy" that I had picked out of a Michael's bin two years prior.

The Ahoy had a fabric print that I simply painted over and hot  glued to the front.

                        Look at that barnacle. 

So simple . Great beach house sign , or for the boat.

The thing is, this is  something  adorable to treasure and so easy it can be done for fun with your children, grandchildren , scouts etc.

 Who on Fire Island wouldn't want this as a gift?

Or hanging on the dock as guests board the sailboat in  San Diego?

                 Have a beautiful day . I hope you"ll find some driftwood screaming to be a sign.

                                                                    Michele Michael

P.S. I'm probably going to make my trident from driftwood. It's only fitting. 
Refer to my " I want a Trident" Blog 

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