Monday, November 10, 2014

Driftwood Doors Faux Finish

Wishing I had doors made of driftwood was the incentive for this project. Originally done 15 yrs ago and recreated here on these dbl doors. I had so many project after Hurricane Sandy. I can't be sad for my losses because she helped me remember my creative side and inspired this blog.

Driftwood doors from 15 yrs ago

Using a bristle brush ,I stained my doors with Dark Walnut  MinWax

 After my staining was completed I use a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of flat white paint and glaze. Mix these together real well and brush on and wipe off with old rags.
Graphics Fairy has these vintage fish prints that I printed out in the decal/waterslide paper method described in their blog. I think I should have used the freezer paper method which I have not yet tried. These images are a bit thick and show around the edges. But for the purpose of this blog you can get the idea.

These are the doors from 15 yrs ago. These were done in the same way except that I used more paint to glaze ratio. I recommend testing the glaze to paint ratio before you mix it all up for your project. Sometimes I get so excited to work on a project I forget the little steps. Either way you will get a very weathered look. 

The older doors had a coat of  clear satin finish painted on to protect them but the new ones with the fish prints had a coat of clear Annie Sloan's wax.

All my beach buddies agreed that these looked like driftwood and they have always been a treasured focal piece in my home.

Here's helping you bring the driftwood effect into your home.


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