Friday, February 16, 2024

Home #Apothecary -The Perfect Piece

So, I told my husband I wanted to buy a piece of furniture that was to become our home apothecary. 

I'm a furniture whore so I expected rolling eyes. Well, in fact he has never rolled his eyes at me. 
He said, "What, like something out of #HarryPotter?" Ding ding ding yes. Actually, more like something out of  #PracticalMagic is what I was thinking.

We grow many different organic things at our home and have begun to harvest and store them and use them for the health benefits and for cooking and for teas.
I have saved red raspberry leaves, orange rind, lemon grass, basil, oregano, marigold, rosemary and mint. I have curated a collection of ingredients some of which include almond oil, castor oil, vitamin e oil,  Epsom salts, sea salts, essential oils en masse, organic culinary lavender, organic culinary rose petals, bentonite clay, shea butter, bees wax  and organic extra virgin coconut oil just to give you a taste of what's happening and why I wanted this piece of furniture. Everything is spread around the house in different locations. 
I've been on a wellness journey trying to feel better and really trying to take overly processed things out of my life, including over the counter medications and beauty products. My husband has made rosemary hair oil and we have made rosemary clove pain relieving oil. I made rose and castor oil eye drops for my allergies and dry eyes. I swear by mint tea to settle my stomach, help with digestion and alkaline my body. And, I love a good detox foot bath of bentonite clay, Epsom salt, tea tree oil and  lavender oil. Ok , you get the idea.
I mentioned this new idea to my best buddy and neighbor , Wanda. Within a few days she had sent me a link to a piece on FB Marketplace. The most amazing perfect piece.
Yeah, so we drove 1.5 hrs. to Alabama to pick up this giant piece of furniture. 3 hrs. round trip. 

The piece shown in the pictures has shelves that are not pictured. It has locks for the sliding glass doors, the bottom doors and apparently it used to have locks for the middle section.
So let's talk about that middle section.  Take a good look at those slotted spots? What were they used for ? What was this piece used for? It looks like it was some sort of mercantile piece, in fact, possibly an actual apothecary. I searched the internet using google lens trying to match a photo but that proved to be unsuccessful. Here's the fun part, the slotted spaces are doors, two doors. Behind those doors is a a hidden space. So , I have a theory. This may have been used to display bottles of something sold in a store that needed to be locked up. The display pieces were locked up and stored behind the slots at night. Starting to feel like an old apothecary piece, right? Who knows. 

I apologize for the messy pic but keep in mind we shuffled thing around very quickly to get  this in the house before our road trip in 2 days.. Yes, my husband loves me.

Next for this piece is a deep clean and a coating of charcoal paint. Additionally, I see it with some interesting clay embellishments. 

I paid only $75.00 for this piece!!!!!!I know, I know, amazing.

So, tell me what you think this piece was in it's original life. If you can share to help me get some feedback I would love that too. 

With love and gratitude


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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous piece! Visiting from Sweet Tea & Friends.

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  2. Wow your apothecary piece is gorgeous!
    Thanks so very much for sharing this piece with Sweet Tea & Friends this month dear friend.


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