Monday, November 9, 2020

Tattered Shabby Chic Fabric Hearts #shabbychic #countryhearts #destash

Welcome to the November Crafty Room De-Stash Challenge 

Listed below you will find a fine group of bloggers that went through the craft resources already in their homes, in order
to create something for this post. 
The mission, to use your stash.

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But first, my craft room de-stash.

A while back I inherited a stash of fabrics from the 1980's and 1990's.  This was a piece that I adored and couldn't wait to do something with. It's what I pulled out to make these tattered hearts. 

I wanted the fabric to look more like a painted canvas and have a little bit of that stiffness so I dry brushed some pale green and some white chalk paint across the fabric along with a little clear glitter paint.

After the fabric is painted and dried, I cut two hearts.

(I failed to take pictures all along the way but you can see the before and after fabric here .)
You'll notice that I aged around the edges of the fabric , added a dragonfly stamp, speckled the fabric canvas with black paint and used a permanent black fine marker to add a few dots and outlines here and there. Basically I'm creating a mixed media art background for my hearts.
The dragonfly stamp was a perfect addition.

I added a stamped patch. Easy to make with fabric and a permanent ink pad.

        I inked around the patch to make it look old and shabby

I had some canvas fabric that I used to make tattered strips to use for a loop hanger. I aged those as well.
Next, I hand stitched the patches to the hearts using embroidery floss.

I sewed the hearts together right sides together , leaving an opening to pull the heart through to the right side and to add stuffing.

                    Adorable , these are looking good.

            And so pretty hanging from a knob or a hook.

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  1. These are so sweet Michele, I love how you added so much texture with the paints, glitter and stamps. A really inventive way to use a beautiful scrap of fabric.

    1. Dating for everyone is here: ❤❤❤ Link 1 ❤❤❤

      Direct sexchat: ❤❤❤ Link 2 ❤❤❤


  2. I love the vintage floral fabric and how you created depth with all the lovely layers! These little hearts would be darling tucked just about anywhere! pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Hi Marci Yes they would be perfect anywhere for almost anyone.

  3. These are so very cute, and I really love the dragonfly (one of my favorites). Thank you so much for sharing and wonderful hopping with you.

    1. Not sure why my comment came up unknown - Chas @chascrazycreations

    2. Hi Chas. The dragonfly really worked here.

  4. What pretty door decor. I really like the ink around the edges for that aged look.

  5. Those are so pretty! I love the addition of the dragonfly. Pinned.

  6. I love all things shabby chic, and these hearts are so cute! I have a store-bought shabby chic heart hanging up in my craft room, but now you've got me thinking I should make some of my own! I love the fabric you used, too! I love the flowers and dragonflies. Pinning!

  7. These tattered hearts are fabulous. When I get a chance I am going to look at your site to see what other wonderful things you are doing.

  8. Super cute! These will be featured in this week’s Creative Compulsions.


  9. These are beautiful! Love them and featuring them when my link party opens tonight. Thanks for sharing!


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