Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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Rose Sugar Recipe 
2 cups Organic Sugar
1 teaspoon Rose Extract 
2 tbl finely crushed Culinary Rose Petals
1 large glass jar for mixing/storage approx 16 oz

1. In a glass jar add 2 cups of sugar and 2 tbl of Rose Extract .
2. Stir. 
3. Crush the rose petals into very fine pieces. Remember you'll be adding this to hot and cold tea and to the rim of champagne or a Rose Martini and you want the petals to be a gentle crush on. 
Add the rose petals to the mix and stir.
4. Allow to sit for 2 days or more. Mix again before using or bottling. This blend will yield (4) 4 oz bottles.

I love these 4 oz ball jars I found and I've left a link for you below. I sent these out with Christmas gifts this past season.  

Perfect gift  for your tea loving friends or for Valentine's Day.  Just add a package of their favorite tea and watch them swoon. Great giveaway or hostess gift for a tea party too.

I have to say this pairs well with lavender tea and  mint tea . Hot or cold.

Here's a link to labels. 

Rose Martini Recipe 

Add your "Homemade Rose Sugar" to the rim of your glass. Just dip the rim in a plate of water then dip it in a plate of rose sugar. How romantic along the rim of a champagne glass.

Mix /Shake
1 cup of ice
1 oz of Vodka or Gin 
1 oz of Coconut Water (it's light enough to allow the rose to come through)
1 tsp of Monin Rose Syrup or 1/2 tsp or Rose Water flavoring

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