Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vintage Folding Chairs Upcycle

These are the folding chairs for our travel trailer.

Even though I love me some rust and wood and patina, I still loved these chairs when I found them on Facebook Marketplace. I actually paid $20.00 for 3 of these but for this blog post I'm showcasing these two. 
We bought a camper trailer that we will have available for renting starting in April. The thing is, I wanted the trailer to be appointed in a mix of a vintage and shabby chic kind of way. It's not easy because the camper is actually a 2016. I just think it can have the feel of a traveling B&B.
Here's are a few pics.

Anyway, these chairs struck a cord in my vintage heart. I could immediately see them painted and chippy. 
Using Chalk Country Paint Pretty in Pink, I painted some of the slats. Then I added some King's Carpet to the Pretty in Pink  to deepen the pink color. My goal was to have 2 contrasting pinks and two contrasting blues, as you'll see when you scroll  to the blue chair. 

I like to use my rotary sander with a heavy grit sand paper (80) to remove some serious paint.

After dusting, I add a coat of dark wax and buffed to a shine.

Thanks for reading about my silly little upcycle.  These chairs make me happy and I hope our renters will enjoy the ambiance as well.

I'm planning a post about the camper soon. Stay tuned.

With love and gratitude
Coastal Bohemian

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