A Bit About Us

I'm a Coastal Bohemian and you may be a Coastal Bohemian if you....
  • have sand in your toes more often than not.
  • constantly travel the shores in search of hidden spots to luxuriate in the quiet ,calm of the sea.
  • love a warm, crackling ,driftwood beach fire.
  • keep a fishing pole in your car/truck/boat.
  • sleep in a hammock.
  • believe in mermaids.
  • surf, jet ski,sail,paddle board or kayak.
  • keep a display of your favorite sea treasures.
  • are comfortable with sand in your cheeks , not the ones on your face.
  • know what it means to go "shelling".
  • vacation only where you can see water.
  • clam bake on the shore.
  • sport fish around the world.
  • you are probably part hippie, a bit  eccentric,an adventurer, daring,creative,unique, off beat, a non conformist, an artist, exotic ,wild , free spirited, offbeat (did I say that twice?Hmmm) and  may be with some Gypsy blood running through your salt water veins.

There is so much more that could define us, you ...me. I welcome your suggestions and I will be sure and get you quoted here.
Send in your definition of a Coastal Bohemian.  coastalbohemian@gmail.com

This Coastal Bohemian also enjoys DIY, upcycling, garage and yard sales, flea markets, old furniture, #CountryPaint, crafting, paint and canvas,  journaling, driftwood, vintage and antique goodies and playing down at Coastal Bohemian  Arts and Crafts Studio in Myrtle Beach.

Happy shore day.

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