Thursday, January 13, 2022

Valentine Porch Sign # Valentine #ValentinesDay #

Last year, I started working on a Valentine's Day porch sign that I never completed.
 So, this year I completed it. You know how it goes.
I want to explain that I almost never have a plan and never know where design and art will take me so it's certainly interesting when you realize what happens along the way. 
It started with a white background and then a wash of a pinkish purple color. The white was chalk paint and the wash was a blend of some craft acrylics.

At this point I have no further plan words, no saying, nothing, nada.
I thought a floral background would be pretty for Valentine's Day and so I loaded up a palette of craft paints and decided to try something I saw on Pinterest or Youtube. 
Using paints , you blend colors and create smudges , using a partially blown up balloon. The smudges will eventually become doodle flowers. In this case, I know I can pull off a rose, so here is some of that process.

You see how easy it is to dip the balloon into the paint and get a mix of colors on there that really create a pretty, colorful background for the flowers.

A good idea is to practice on some paper.

I used a very thin paint brush with a juicy(watery) amount of paint. Be sure and offload some of that juicy paint.  You still want the paint to flow easily from the brush very fluidly to create the outlines for the flowers or in this case the roses. I'm not big on explaining in detail how to paint so I will tell you to head on over to Youtube for some tutorials. This flower painting, for me, goes back to crafting in my 20's.
This feels happy.


And now that's it , for a whole year. Nothing, and then packed away. 💗
This year, I added some lacey stencil work to the corners and I stencilled on the words Lovers Lane .

In the end, I used a very dry stencil brush to add some shadowing around the entire piece. In my mind this helped set the Lovers Lane front and center creating a vignette.

It's a cheerful way to come home and perfect for celebrating my upcoming 1 yr wedding anniversary. 

With love and gratitude,


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  1. That is adorable! Visiting you from the wonderful wednesday link up.

  2. It's Gorgeous! I love the roses and it's great that you share your techniques. Thank you for linking up! I'm featuring you this week! #HomeMattersParty

  3. The balloon-painting technique is ingenious. It's certainly something I've never seen before. The roses and the whole sign turned out great. Thank you for linking up at Talent-Sharing Tuesdays.

  4. That's a fab sign, I've never thought of decorating outdoors for this occasion.
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo, sorry for the delay with commenting and sharing. Hope to see you back soon.

  5. That is really pretty. I'm going to use your rose tecnique to paint a flower pot.

  6. I love the idea to use balloons to smudge flower shapes and outline with black. It’s really lovely! I think the sign was fantastic even without the words. It would look great hanging somewhere!

  7. Your Valentine's Day porch sign is beautiful! I've used balloons to paint flowers. I really appreciate your tutorial.
    Visiting today from Megan's Weekly Highlights.


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