Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Packaging Box Upcycle

I love this idea and can't wait to use it more often. It is not my original idea. I watched someone on Youtube make one. It may have been #CanterburyCottage, #OurGreenAcres  or  #OurUpcycledLife. If I can credit them properly, I will get that updated here.

I had volunteered to bring a gift basket of all my home made goodies to a Christmas party. Looking around my stash I found this box and remembered I could paint it (video I saw). 

So I gave it a quick coat of chalk paint. Then I searched around for a piece of hardware to add to the front of the box. This is what really stuck with me. It really adds a little something different and I could use up some of my hardware stash. Hello I'm an upcycler. It's dangerous.
I put two holes in the box for the screws and attached the hardware and then secured it better with a layer of hot glue.

I lined the box with fabric from my stash. This is easy and doesn't have to be perfect. Cut a piece of fabric as long as the circumference of the box plus an inch or two more and as tall as the box plus at least 3-4 inches. Starting in a corner fold down a hem and adhere it to the top corner.
Now line the top of the box with a few inches of glue and continue adhering the clean finished edge, (folded hem), around until the box is lined. 
Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the bottom of the box. Now cover that with fabric. It's easy to do this by using hot glue.
Lay that inside the box . This pulls all the fabric from the sides and makes them looked more finished.
Once you do this, the lining is complete. 
I added a shabby bow.

And then stuffed it full of creative gifts. Mostly with a Coastal theme.
 A mermaid ornament , a mermaid oyster shell, a seashorse switch plate, a vintage moon mixed media bookmark  a gift tag amixed media tag , a Christmas door hanger 

Just a little holiday fun. Hope you found some inspiration. 

With love and gratitude,


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