Friday, September 7, 2018

Practical Magic Party

I  googled Practical Magic Party and found some wonderful ideas here at Faerie Magazine.

I grew up with a Grandmother who originated from the outskirts of Salem , Massachusetts.
I mention this because we are pretty sure she was an earth witch, full of natural loving and healing. And she was a healer and a psychic medium.

Boy, have I got some stories.

My sister is a psychic medium and I am a manifester and a healer. (So we jokingly refer to ourselves as witches.)
I mention all this because when I read the book practical magic I fell in love with the story. It reminded me so much of my childhood with my grandmother, granted the movie has some very serious witchcraft involved but the quirky and different things portrayed in the movie remind me of her, with her specialty tinctures, herbs and teas. 

Anyway, onto this story. 
My sister bought an outdoor movie screen and all summer we heard, "I bought an outdoor movie screen , we need to have a movie night. "

Toward the end of August,  I suggested that we pick a date before I go back to SC and also that we needed to debut the outdoor screen with a showing of Practical Magic. Half asleep my sister said yes and then her friend Kathy and I planned the party and sent out the e-vites while she slept. LOL. Did I mention we were on a girls weekend and were maybe a little tipsy?

This was noted as our first annual Practical Magic Party.

We asked everyone to bring a broom.(One brought her Swiffer.) 

I decorated a broom for myself and one for my daughter. 

Many people came in lovely costumes.
The right decor was a must, however I had very little to do, as you can see my witchy sister keeps her home a little mystical.

 Light the incense.
And don't forget to rent a black cat. 
Just kidding this is Benny, the perfect witch's cat.

Rosemary is an herb associated with protection and well it's just so pretty and who doesn't need a little more protection.
I created a few Rosemary pots for around the table and we added a few drippy candles, an owl and some cauldrons.

Kathy baked a tipsy cake, which is a chocolate cake drenched in rum.YUM.

Using my daughter's teen spell book ,

I copied a few spells for people to take as a parting gift. It was exciting because people really seemed to get the spells they needed. Of course the spells are really just innocent wishes, in a poetic format used to carry our wishes and prayers to god and the universe, but oh so fitting for this night.

We had the soundtrack to the movie on repeat and as we drank a little , we danced a little.

We were sure to light the fire pit, which played in the background along with the movie and the Practical Magic soundtrack.

I made a cauldron size amount of fresh, olive oil  popcorn and we all watched the movie. 
So much fun and bonding. Can't wait until next year.

With love and gratitude,


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