Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sunshine and Freckles

Happy Thursday folks. I had been working on a cute little rocker this week and I'm thrilled with the way she turned out. I used Subshine from the Chalk Country line of paint and then I freckled her with Pure Pewter from the same line.  After she had a rub down with some clear wax I recover her seat and she is complete.

Various yellows and greys along with some blush on the petals help make this a very shabby chic rocker.
 Sunshine- I used 1/4 of a quart to paint this chair . This paint goes a long way .

Really happy I went with the speckle.

Hope you enjoyed this redo. 

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Hope your summer is wonderful. Stay tuned for my Bohemian Shrimp Wasabi Salad Recipe. You roll out this recipe and you will be like a gourmet chef.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Opening new doors and painting them too. How's that for adventure?

As you get to know me and Coastal Bohemian you'll understand how fitting that blog title is for me. It's just like me to metaphorically bust open a new door and then decide "Hey , we should paint this".

Coastal Bohemian opens new doors, and a freshly "Chalk Country" painted one , this month at a studio location at 4811 Hwy 17 Bypass S Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.

We are excited to announce that we are representatives for Chalk Country Paint, a line of clay based paints that are used in recreating, upcycling , repurposing home decor and furniture.

We have several events scheduled this month including Beginner's Chalk Country Paint 101, Vision Board /Bucket List Night and a charity paint a piece.

The workshops are set up to show you the versatility and ease of the application of Chalk Country Paint and it’s use on furniture, metal, glass, wood, and fabrics. You will learn different painting techniques and unique styles of finishes with clear and dark wax. In the workshops you will learn  traditional painting , shabby chic , two-color distress, dry brush and color washing technique.  You will work with both the clear and dark waxes to create finishes and effects.

Vision Board/Bucket list night . 
Join us as we manifest our dreams, create our futures, and make a list of things we need to put on our bucket lists by making your own vision board.First  you'll clear your energy with sacred sage and open up your spirit to receive,followed by a creative meditation and then an open discussion about where we see ourselves and the things we really and secretly would like to do.
Next you'll use photos and sayings to create a poster size collage depicting your goals and dreams in all areas of your life or in just one specific area that you are focusing.(Meant to be kept someplace at home for daily viewing)

Links to our events can be found on our shop page on Facebook

So excited about this month. We could use all your love and support so please help by liking and sharing and and sending your friends. Stay tuned for the Chalk Country Paint color chart. 

Off to  paint.

Seriously, addicted to paint and it's not the fumes ...these are low VOC.


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