Sunday, May 7, 2017

Art Inspired Sofa Table

I've been on a kick with the purples, blues and greens lately. 
It started with the Gypsy Soul piece I made as a gift for my sister's birthday. We had an open house down at the studio, for those of you who don't know, I have an art studio in Myrtle Beach, SC . We test and play and push boundaries with our art and we sure do have fun.
 This piece was made at an open house down at the studio. One of my teachers, Jeannie, is a paper artist, among other her other artistic talents and she teaches paper flowers , quilling, stamping, card making and more. I made this while she was teaching the  class that day of the open house. It's made on watercolor paper with spritz's of bold color using Dylusions and the addition of this pretty mandala. Jeannie had the Gypsy Soul stamp as well and gypsy and bohemian are well gypsy/bohemian. I used Diamond Glaze to create that protective glass encased look on the Gypsy Soul. Matte and frame, done.
 Down at the studio we also take requests for future arts and crafts  classes plus we take requests from fun fun.

Below is my take on a piece of mixed media art that was sent over via video, as a request  for a future class. Again,I'm on a purple , blue and green kick and loving every minute of it. 
 I love the dragonfly. He makes me happy every time I walk into the studio.

 This sofa table was inspired from the dragonfly period, as it is now known. The colors remind me of a dragonfly , you know that glistening green and purples and blues that come through as he swoops around catching the sun.
And this is how we went from this .......

(During the making of the Gypsy Soul we were blotting our art with paper towels and I wouldn't let these get thrown out. I used them as accents on the table and I stamped my dragonfly onto one of these and cut it out as an accent on the mixed media piece above.) this.

     Not so Coastal but oh so Bohemian .

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Happy Mother's Day to all. 

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