Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Wooden Round Display DIY -Wedding Shower Favors

Here's a little blog short.

Stained wooden round from Home Depot, a few odd and end design pieces from my "use for upcycling stash" for the centerpiece, a few wooden finds for the feet, a bit of charcoal chalk paint and I had a great display for wedding shower favors.

Bulk ordered cactus in 2" pots from Amazon
Here's the link to the cactus on Amazon.


Stained in purples, using craft sprays, I dyed coffee filter rounds. These wrap up quickly with a piece of twine for a perfect burst of color. The theme was botanical with an emphasis on Lavender.

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  1. Lovely display, coffee filters can be so useful in crafting. I bet the table was a hit! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

    1. That table was a hit. Thanks for dropping in to leave a comment


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