Thursday, March 30, 2023

Blanched Swiss Chard Leaf Lunch Wraps

It is Swiss Chard season in my garden and I have been making lots and lots of dishes with Swiss Chard. Also, I'm trying not to be so..carby. Yep, I made up a word.
Searching recipes on YouTube, I watched a woman use a blanched swiss chard leaf as a wrap for a vegetarian lunch. This got me to thinking about what I, would put into a swiss chard wrap.
So here we go. First, let me credit Well +Good for inspiring me with her Vegan Swiss Chard Rolls Recipe.
I decided to try egg salad in a swiss chard wrap and an olive pesto cream cheese in a second swiss chard wrap. I used lite cream cheese mixed with  a jar pesto from Trader Joe's, which you will see in photos later.  Honestly, I mixed 1/2 block of cream cheese and a tbl of pesto. These wraps worked out very well and kept nicely in the fridge for two days. My husband and I loved them and we felt good after eating our healthy lunch.
Here are a few pics.

Blanching these leaves I dropped a leaf in boiling water for about 30 seconds then gently removed the leaf with tongs and placed it in a big bowl filled with ice and water. The ice water bath stops the cooking process.

I made sure to get the blanched leaves nice and dry. 

Then I cut the tough stem parts out.
At this pt, the leaves were overlapped to create a closed and flat surface.

 Bringing the bottom up over the top, it gets  wrapped up like a burrito.

Pretty large wraps.

And this is a pic to show you the olive pesto.

Yummy. I hope you give these wraps a try . Let me know what you put inside your lunch wraps.

With love and gratitude,


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