Monday, November 28, 2022

Creating Aged / Vintage #Patina Christmas Ornaments

A few weeks ago, I snagged two boxes of these glass ornaments for $2.99 ea. at the thrift store. I love things that are vintage looking and thought these would work well to create a fun base for some homemade ornaments.
When I opened up the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ornaments had become aged, tarnished ,pitted and faded...OMG...I'm in love. Although, I did like this look, I wanted something that looked more aged or even, maybe on my mind, was the look of mercury glass. I'm not sure that is what I accomplished but I love the outcome. 
I simply brushed on some watered down black acrylic paint ,
and then wiped it off in such a way as to leave a tarnished look and some markings from the terry cloth.

Additionally, I added a few flecks of black paint to help bring the look together. Watered down black paint on a tooth brush or paint brush works well for this. Shake and tap the brush to get the flecks of paint on the bulb.

I think this would look good on any shiny new bulb.

I've been tucking them here and there too.

If you love vintage and antique the way I do , you may just love the addition of these little baubles . Currently, making me happy.


  1. Just saw your ornaments on Facebook. Your technique for aging ornaments is good to know. I never thought about how that could be done. They turned out great!


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