Sunday, December 26, 2021

Tin Can Art Planter #clay #airdryclay #stamping #stampedclay #coastalbohemian #artsandcrafts #chalkpaint

I was thinking about designs for Valentine's Day when I created this planter. I knew I wanted to embellish the can with stamped clay and I knew I wanted to use this beautiful red paint. 

I started by rolling out a bit of air dry paper clay. Next, I chose a decorative stamp to create the impression.

I used wood glue to adhere the clay to the can and pressed out the edges.

It took 2 coats of red chalk paint to get full coverage.

Even though I loved this red, I felt like it needed something to highlight the floral impression in the clay. I decided to mix up a batch of white wax.
I used approximately a rounded tablespoon of clear wax with  1/2 tsp of white chalk paint.  This gets applied with a brush. As soon as it's applied I use a scrap of an old  sheet to remove the excess wax and then I buff.

Then it's a matter of adding some potting soil and some plants. I just used a few plants from my stash to fill in the planter.

I did give this one as a Christmas gift, to a friend that really loves red. 

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