Monday, November 8, 2021

Copper Pick Up Truck w/ Christmas Tree

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I made this pick up truck w/ Christmas tree from a plain ceramic paintable that I found in Dollar Tree.

This is not, typically, something that I would craft but when I saw this truck I knew I had to come up with something. 
I have rose gold coppery colored knobs on my buffet and I had picked up a copper mini tree to add to the top for some Christmas d├ęcor. This became my inspiration. I was thinking , copper statue. That's when I decided to create a faux aged copper look for this little ceramic truck.
First, a coat of copper craft paint.
After that dries, I applied a very watery mix of black craft paint and coated the piece. 
This is a quick coat that is then blotted back. The result leaves a muted down copper with an aged look in the crevices.

Next, I created the look of verdigris by using a dry brush of a sea
glass aqua colored craft paint. 
My truck needed a shabby bow to make it feel special. I had some gauze that had been tea dyed. I folded it in on itself and pinched an accordion pleated bow.
A small strip of gauze was used to tie off and complete the bow.
A little hot glue to the back and this bow is looking good.
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  1. Wow, it looks like a completely different ornament! Such a lovely technique and the bow is a great finishing touch.

  2. Really cute, "trees in trucks" are my favorite Christmas themed decorations!

  3. I love the color direction you took with the little truck that is usually seen as red. What a very unique idea making it aged copper!

  4. I am always blown away with what's created with dollar store items! This is so adorable and quite on trend! You rocked this ornament!

  5. Thanks Allyson. I was inspired by the copper handles on my buffet and the copper Christmas tree.

  6. I think copper was a great choice. I like the shine and the antiquing.

  7. I love this truck! I haven't seen them at my local Dollar Tree, but I'm going to have to go check again soon! I love that you painted it copper instead of the usual red. If I find one, I may have to paint it in the Seahawks football team colors to match the rest of my Christmas stuff. lol

    1. Oh that's funny. Thanks. I tried to find more after I painted this one and my #Dollartree was out too. I wanted to make one as a hostess gift.

  8. What a fun way to dress up the truck. The aged copper look is great.

  9. I was very happy with the copper look.

  10. I love the copper truck. you nailed it! The antiquing is amazing. Thanks for sharing at Love Your Creativity.

  11. Nice, clear tutorial. I, too, love copper. Years ago, I made a ceramic cowboy statue about `5" tall and finished it similarly to yours. But I used a tealy/turquoise wash. Someone picked it up thinking it was bronze and almost dropped it when they picked it up so easily!


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