Thursday, April 16, 2020

Easter Egg Beach Hunt #Egghunt Mixedmedia #artjournal

During the Pandemic/ Lockdown/ Self Quarantine I played around in my art journal.It was inspired by the empty white sandy beaches on Okaloosa Island. Looking out at the Dunes, I envisioned them dotted with colorful Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt. 

I started by gluing an old wipe to a music page, using Mod Podge. 

(This is not the same wipe but a picture of another one.)

When I say an old wipe , I mean a wipe that had been used for wiping and smearing paint and then later left to dry. The result is usually some sort of tie dye look. These make for great additions to mixed media artwork. I also added some speckling of paint by flicking it across the paper. 

Next I cut templates for eggs in a variety of sizes.
It's hard to get those perfect edges around those eggs so I used a nail file to clean up the template.
I added a some stenciling over the top, using a bright pink.

Trace the templates onto the mixed media paper.
And cut.
So pretty.

I used a stencil to add some inspiration words to the eggs.
 I created a simple beach background using watercolor and then glued the eggs to the page.

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  1. I like mixed media art, and your eggs turned out great! Thanks for the tip on using a wipe.


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