Thursday, March 12, 2020

Seashell Palm Tree

Seashell Palm Tree.

If you follow this blog , you probably know I think in seashells. I have lived in Myrtle Beach, SC for several years and we have recently decided to make the move to Florida full time now. As we drove back to South Carolina we passed by the welcome sign with the state logo.

I have loved this logo and used it in many projects and for arts and crafts classes down at the Coastal Bohemian studio.

It had me wondering what I would do without it. Once I move, it's no longer mine. LOL

And then I could see the image without the moon.....made with seashells. 
So that's how I had the inspiration for this Coastal DIY Challenge.
To make it even more challenging, I had limited supplies until I could get to my studio.
 I found some soft blue chalk paint for the background.

I gathered up some shells I had purchased at a thrift for $1.99. I played with a layout for the palm tree trunk and had a small stash of oyster shells.

To me, this created a colorful base. 

Some big palm leaves. 
And some more leaves.

Now what. Some sand? Some sea glasss?

No. Not the glass.

Some shadowing around the edge using a black graphite pencil.

 A little glue and sand .

I tucked a bit of Spanish moss using my hot glue gun and then I glued on a few gold glass beads I found in a bag of glass beads, in Walmart. The beads cost about $1.99 also.

 After staring at that plain blue canvas, I added some watercolor and blended my colors to create a sunset / sunrise look. While the colors where wet, I used a paper towel to soften the look even further. I did use the water color, as well, to create the vignette.
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  1. The palm tree looks so good and it looks good on either background, too. I hope you have a smooth move to FL. Here via your party!


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