Monday, December 17, 2018

Artist Gift Guide. What to Buy Your Artist/Creative

Gift Guide for the Artist in your life.

I'm Michele and I've been creating my entire life. I own an art studio in Myrtle Beach, SC and  throughout my travels I teach classes along the way. That's how you know you can take my advice.

1.Gift cards for Supplies

Blick Art, Hobby Lobby , AC Moore, Michael's,  Joann's or, any of these can be purchase online in minutes.
All artists love art supplies. Trust me on this one. I don't care what their studio or craft room looks like, they need more.
What's fun is not only sells artsy and creative pieces made by artisans but it also sells supplies too. 
I found this lot of assorted 100 charms for $5.95. 

What jewelry maker/crafter wouldn't love that? These can be used in crafting ornaments , jewelry, book making, paper crafting tags and bookmarks and more.

2.Local Art Classes and Online Art Classes

Find them on Google Maps and by searching Facebook and Instagram.Don't forget you can find classes at local colleges too. 

Here I searched art classes Myrtle Beach on Facebook and Bingo, there they are. Of course I happen to be showing you the ones at my art studio in Myrtle Beach. And really all that means is that my marketing is working.

 Using Google maps I searched the Pensacola area for classes.

Check out for online classes in cooking, screenwriting ,applying Fondant, painting, drawing, sewing a zipper, knitting and much more. With 1304 (wow) classes ranging from $10.00 to $69.99, you'll be able to find something for your creative.
Search Groupon for art classes as well.

3.Paper and Canvas'
Stroll the craft stores until you get to the paper aisle. If it's a canvas you prefer check out the canvas' aisle. Usually they are right next to each other in the store.Pick out a pad that appeals to their genre or buy something completely outside their typical medium. I know I loved when my friend bought me a big pad of watercolor paper. I could use it in card making, framed artwork and mixed media. It also challenged me to work with watercolors more often. I have come to love and enjoy watercolors because of that gift.
As for canvas',you may consider mini canvas' as a gift item or you may choose to challenge your artist by purchasing the biggest canvas you can find.

4. Glue
 A real artist can never have enough glue, especially a mixed media artist. Acrylic Medium, Tacky glue, hot glue,E6000, Mod Podge ,Wood Glue, White Glue, Epoxy , Caulk and more. A little stock pile is always fun.

5. Storage
Storage/Organization specifically geared to the craft industry is often forgotten.
Check the aisles of Walmart and your local craft store to find the perfect piece of storage. I have found pieces to organize my stamps, my clay and tools and my sewing machine. Storage is available for paper crafting, painting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking plus plus more. 
One of the best things I bought was a sewing machine case on wheels with pockets. This is great if you have plans for your artist to sew something custom at your home. Wink wink.

At Christmas, Hanukkah, or any time of year, I hope this helps you purchase the perfect gift for your person, your artist, your creative . 

With love and gratitude,

Michele Michael 

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