Monday, September 10, 2018

Dollar Store Challenge $4 DIY Halloween Hanging Light

This month I was part of a "Dollar Store Challenge."

Basically, the idea is to head over to a dollar store and make something from your finds, an upcycle.
My blogging friends and I then post the challenge for you all to enjoy. 
Please be sure and visit my very talented friends for some inspiration.

I took some of the things you see here and made this.

Let me show you how easy and fun this was to do.
First I took these Fairy lights , added batteries and secured them to the spider bowl. Did I mention that was a bowl?

 I used black zip ties to secure the battery pack, (This pick shows the pack attached on one end but due to the whole balance and gravity thing I had to move the pack to the middle.) (Ooops moment)

To move the pack to the middle , I drilled a tiny hole in the battery pack between the two batteries. This is where the bottom of my cup hook fit perfectly and actually screwed in from the top. 

Next I  attached the faux tea lights using floral tape. Remember balance is important to keep in mind as you are securing these tea lights to the bowl. I purchased black roses from the dollar store and thought I would be able to use them to create balance if I ran into a problem. (What I'm saying here is if you run into a balance problem start gluing black roses around the bowl until it hangs evenly.)

I added a cup hook screw to hang the bowl and also to use for hanging the faux chain.

The chain is very thick and the cup hook screw may not be wide enough , so think about that when buying the cup hooks. My cup hooks were a close match but I had to open the hook up a bit for the chain to fit . 

Add the chain and hang.

Special thanks to my friend and floral designer extraordinaire, David Bryant from David Bryant Designs for helping me with the logistics and for being a second pair of hands.

With love and gratitude,


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