Sunday, June 17, 2018

Stay Vintage for my Son

My son is in the business of antiques and collectibles. I think I planted the bug when I dragged him around to garage sales on weekends when he was a little boy. The thing is he always loved it. He learned how to negotiate price at a very young age. One time I ran a yard sale fundraiser for our school's garden club to raise money for sprinklers. My son was 10 yrs old at the time. That day I sent everyone to him for pricing, I trusted him implicitly. That was a defining moment if you ask me. The vintage soul had been awakened.
When he was 21 and deciding what he wanted to do for a living I sat him down, looked him in the eye and said, "What do you love to do?" 
His response,  "I love buying and selling antiques and collectibles . I could do that all day." At this point he and his father and Uncle were very heavily into buying and selling antiques and collectibles.
He's 29 this year and owns two antique and collectibles locations, runs auctions, travels around the country buying and selling and he has some of the top buyers and sellers in the country in his database.

This craft is for my son, Wally.

He has a t-shirt I love that says Stay Vintage printed on the front. So perfect. 
I was inspired by that, for this small framed art project.

I cut some patches of canvas cloth and stamped them with a teal blue permanent ink from StazOn

Then I ironed them flat. I also pulled the strings out from along the edges of the patch to create a weathered, shabby look, like maybe  I had found these old frayed pieces as scraps just as they were.

I chose a square frame from a bunch of old frames hanging around the studio waiting for a new life and then set my patches inside a vintage page.
I used some Fabric Fusion to set the patches in place.
And set it into the frame.
 I really had fun making this and can't wait to gift this to my son. Thanks for reading along.
Happy Father's Day 
My son's Father has passed away and I know he would be very proud of him today.
If you'd like to show Wally the love, make sure to like up his page at  Wally's World on FB by clicking here.

With love and gratitude,


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