Saturday, January 21, 2017

Driftwood Valance

I have a driftwood addiction that I'm pretty sure is unhealthy. I collect it. I  use it to build things, bundle it and dress it up with bows and glue, staple and screw it to everything . 

Ok, now that I have come clean I want to show you how to upcycle an old fabric covered valance. BTW... there are still a lot of these out there folks.
Remove the staples and the fabric  and padding from the valance and you will be left with a clean wooden surface or as I think of it, a fresh canvas. 

Insert your image of a wooden valance here since I got excited and jumped into my project and forgot to photograph the wooden valance after the fabric was removed.

To get an idea of what I am working with at this point you can link to this etsy shop post and they can also make you a custom size  wooden valance .

I started with a 30" wooden valance . I began by using my hottest glue gun and gluing large and medium sized pieces to the base. 

Next you'll need to fill all the empty spaces , layering and adding until you no longer see the wooden valance base underneath.You can add small pieces and medium pieces here. You can continue gluing but I hooked up my nail gun and went to town with that. Can you say "Freedom"? What a difference this made.

Afterward, flip over the board and trim the nails that may have gone through to the other side.  My valance already had saw tooth hangers on each side and I was done and ready to hang. 

Hope you enjoy this craft.

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